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BM Racing Kiwami sensored brushless ESC



ROCKET-RC releases the MINI sensored brushless ESC we named —— Kiwami
1、 Product Overview : ROCKET-RC Kiwami MINI ESC is a sensored brushless ESC specially designed for micro RC cars, based on the Mini28 Pro it has newly upgraded performance and appearance of the previous generation . It has the characteristics of small size, high power, light weight, fast heat dissipation, and good linearity.
2、 Product features
1. Small size: The product is extremely compact and it’s possible adapt to the space requirements for more small-scale RC cars.
2. High power: With a continuous current output capacity of 30A, it can provide powerful and high performance output for micro RC Cars.
3. Lightweight: By optimizing design and selecting materials, the weight of the ESC has been reduced, making the overall weight of the chassis more lightweight for use in competition.
4. Multiple options: With a wide range of adjustable functional parameters, it can be customized according to user needs, the Kiwami are born for competition.
5. Fast heat dissipation: Adopting an all metal CNC shell design, the appearance and heat dissipation function are perfectly combined to ensure that the equipment can quickly dissipate heat during high-power operation.
3、 Product advantages
1. Strong adaptability: suitable for various micro RC cars, the high adjustability of the ESC are able to meeting on different needs for different micro RC cars.
2. Excellent performance: With high power, lightweight, and excellent throttle linearity, it can provide excellent power output and stability for the car.
3. Diversified parameter adjustment: It can be matching with setting cards (which is included at the package inside with the esc) to debug functional parameter configurations according to user needs for personalized user needs.
4、 Comparison of newly upgraded parameters
5、 After sales service
We offer a one-year product quality assurance period, during if there are any product quality issues, we will provide free repair or replacement. In addition, we will also provide technical consulting and training services to users to ensure that they can fully utilize the performance advantages of the product.
6、 Contact information
If you have any questions or further information about our products, please contact ROCKET-RC General Agent:BM RACING
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Aliexpress store:BM Racing offical shop
Thank you for your focus and support to our ROCKET-RC MINI ESC, we look forward to providing you with high-quality products and services.
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