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Who we are?

We are a team composed of several RC drifter .

BM Racing was founded in 2017 June,as a new brand , we are obsessed with customer experience, making better quality 、 design on our products . We insist on our own characteristic product route , constantly create new products , let customers have a great experience and smile on the face on playing our products , and also we want that the player of our products can build friendship between each others and sharing their experience creat a meaningful platform .

At 2020 new year we release our first product the BMR-X —— 1/24 scale FR layout RC drift car ,small scale make it can easily enjoy drifting at home 、 office or other places where you want , most importantly it can fits most of 1/24 model car kit’s body , you can drift battle or tandem with your friends at hot summer in home with cool air condition . When you installing 、setting the chassis you can feel the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from the RC , bring you out from the virtual world to another new world , enjoy the time spending with your friends playing rc drift with you ,  chilling 、tandem 、battle with them , maybe you will learn something new , We hope have more people can join us and interested at RC drift .

Also we build an public homepage at Facebook , you can share your bulid or your experience on it , and also if you have problem when you installing you can post your question on it asked others BMR-X player .

In the future we may hold some of races in different city and country , let players have a more interaction and enjoy drifting of RC car .

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