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BM Racing BMR-X-S-TP (BMR-X chassis with TP Power Set)



The brand new version of BMR-X !!!  ——   The BMRX-S-TP .
AT this version the BMR-X chassis coming with the newest Team power’s sensored ESC and motor —— the M Radon Set
and also with the BMR-X option parts (BMRXOP011) brass suspension mount set .

What’s the biggest point in this set , not only the price it’s a good deal , it’s that the TeamPower M Radon set , the esc have 32k Drive Freque and the weight of the motor it’s lighter (and also it’s a good looking motor 😛 ) , the 32 Drive Freque makes your throttle more linear than before , easier to control the throttle when you drifitng , and also they increase two new setting items —— the Limit Power and Limit Power Range (as same as throttle softening value and softening range) , it can change the throttle feeling become softer , easier to found the grip or better feeling of the throttle at the time when your car in the low speed , increase the controllability of the throttle when you are drift battle or drift tandem and two car are close .

In this version the BMR-X standard chassis will come with the option parts  — brass suspension mount ,increase the weight of the low center gravity to increase the traction of front and rear ,but also compare with the plastic suspension mount come with the standard chassis the brass suspension mount have a better quality and precision .

The Team Power power set it’s design for the mini RC car ,  Extra 2 item functions(Limit Power and Limit Power Range) added in software to improve the pick up linearity for mini drift car or touring car  , some hardware component upgraded for better stability and relability , crossover with” BMRC racing” brand with most mini car kit are combo with m-radon v2.1 speed control , the motor have 3500 \ 5000 \ 7500 kv for selection .


The BMR-X-S-TP Version includes :  BMR-X chassis

Team Power sensored brushless motor 、ESC、ESC program card


. Battery Input Voltage: 2S lipo

. BEC: 6V/1.5A

. 1/27 motor Limit: 10000kv or below

. Max Ampere draw: ~20A per phase

. Size: ~22.5×13.5x9mm(not include the plug)

. Weight: ~4.5g(without any wire installed)



– Sensor type

– Motor Dimension (Diameter x Length): 15mm x 25.1mm (size is ~15% smaller than the MBX V1 motor)

– Shaft Diameter: 2mm

– Weight: ~14~15g (vary in different KV motor)

– Available KV: 3500KV, 5000KV, 7000KV

– Recommended RC Model Car: 1/27 or 1/24 miniz car

Brass suspension mount option parts

The price of BM Racing Programmable Digital Servo Set are : 253 dollars  (not included shipping)

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