BM Racing BMR-X series 1/24、1/28 scale micro RC tunning tools : Camber Gauge and Set-UP Board are pre-order now,It’s great useful tools for the Pro micro RC car drivers accurate measurement parameters, the new BMR-X tool series are using our new special appearance design,make it not only useful also make it looks special.
1/24 & 1/28 scale micro RC Camber Gauge, made by CNC aluminum alloy, ensures the excellent precision and appearance texture, the brand new unique special design make it more distinctive; The camber gauge have two uses, we have designed the camber gauge for maximum versatility, the scale on the left side of the camber gauge are used for measure the parts size, the scale on the right side of the camber gauge are used for measure the suspension camber angle.
1/24 & 1/28 micro RC Set-UP Board, special 3D stereo 3 pieces design, the plexiglass at the top of Set-UP Board , special design CNC high precision aluminum alloy plate at the middle, carbon plate at the bottom , a complete plane board for setting your suspension more precisely, keeping chassis four suspension all parallel when you setting and measuring your chassis.