The new competition drift tire series will replace the Constant Grip Drift Tire series and also the BMRX027-M, BMRX027-S these two series drift tires, that mean these three series drift tire are discontinued, the new competition drift tire will be the same price with the constant grip drift tie series,

The competition drift tire series have two different size 20mm and 22mm are available, there are two different tire section width in one set (4pcs package).

BMRX027-22A  (4 pcs set)

BMRX027-22N  (2 pcs set) narrow tire

BMRX027-22W (2 pcs set) wide tire

BMRX027-20A (4 pcs set)

BMRX027-20N (2 pcs) narrow tire

BMRX027-20W (2 pcs) wide tire