The BMR-X Pro Purple Limited Edition chassis are using purple alum parts,silver carbon parts with the purple alum parts make it more visually impactful, we not only changed the alum parts color, we have also special made the alum parts, the BMR-X Pro purple limited edition are only limited 200.

The details about the different to the BMR-X Pro Purple Limited Edition between the BMR-X Pro standard:

1. The special made alum parts from rear, makes the slide rack steering raise up 2mm higher, thereby changing different suspension geometry and the front roll.

2. Original equipment the long neck type ball connector with the slide rack steering, increase more movement space between the ball end cap with ball connector, also it increase the adjustable range of the ackerman angle.

The special made alum parts of rear:

3. New rear gear box cover.

4. New motor mount compatible with more different motors.

5. New rear hub carrier accept more wheels offset options.

6. New longer rear lower arm adapt to more body-shells.

7. Longer CVD for cooperate with the rear suspension

The newly developed BMR-X Pro Purple Limited Edition will make you have a special experience on this special chassis.